AccountScore, an Equifax company, helps businesses to obtain and understand bank transaction data with complete flexibility.

AccountScore, an Equifax company, is an analytics business based in London but with people in the USA and in India, which provides actionable insights and analytics on bank transaction data for our clients - typically banks and financial services companies who want to learn more about their customers, prospects and applicants.

Where our clients already have bank transaction data we simply import the data and provide analytics through our dashboards or by API. Accounts can be analysed individually, or we can process multiple accounts with millions of transaction rows in a single import.

Where our clients are non-banks that want to analyse bank data for their customers, or banks that want to analyse their customers’ transactions from other banks, we work with our sister company, consents.online, which obtains and stores transactions for clients and manages customers’ permissions for the viewing of this data. consents.online is a Registered Account Information Service Provider (AISP) with the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 792642.

consents.online is a place where customers can control what consents they have given and to whom. Where consent has been granted, it connect to banks to collect the transaction data that our clients request. Learn more about consents.online

Clients of AccountScore can use consents.online on a back-to-back basis so do not need a direct contractual relationship with it.

Using consents.online To Obtain Bank Transaction Data Using AccountScore To Analyse The Data

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Predictive Behavioural Data Image

Predictive Behavioural Data

The knowledge that can be obtained from access to bank transaction data isn't limited to how much money is going through the account. Where they transact, what transfers they make and how often they use their account are amongst numerous predictive variables in the building of credit models.

In-Depth Profiling Image

In-Depth Profiling

See where customers spend, what financial services they have and what utilities they use. There are enormous marketing and profiling opportunities available from this kind of information. Bank data allows businesses to treat their customers individually, according to their circumstances and to ensure a better experience for everyone.

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Actionable Insights

AccountScore provides its clients with valuable Actionable Insights. Set out below is a list of examples of these and how they are generated together with associated use cases.

Example Actionable Insights



consents.online (accessed by customers at consents.online) is a central hub where consumers can control what consents they have given, and to whom. It provides clients with an iframe or web page where they can direct their customers to indicate their consent to that client accessing their bank transaction data.

Once consent has been granted, customers can visit consents.online to see what data has been accessed by whom and to change consent permissions.


consents.online is an AISP and have permission to use the APIs provided through the UK’s open banking initiative to connect to banks and download data. Where APIs are not available at certain financial institutions, AccountScore obtains the transaction information directly through the online banking interface.

consents.online adheres to strict security standards and stores and transmits all data according to best security practice.


Enrich is AccountScore’s most detailed solution which provides richly categorised data as well as numerous actionable insights into the data. Enrich is provided through APIs as well as through our powerful dashboard.

Enrich has a number of additional modules which focus on disposable income calculation and account forecasting.

Enrich provides numerous 'actionable insights' and allows clients to obtain enhanced transaction data on which predictive models can be built.

The Enrich Modules

Customers have the option of using additional modules in AccountScore Enrich. These modules include:

  • Basic affordability
  • Enhanced affordability
  • Standard financial statement
  • Account forecasting


Verify is a simple API call for customers that wish to verify consumers’ employment and salary.

The API returns the following information:

  • Employer Name (if present) or Transaction Description
  • Salary Amount
  • Pay Frequency
  • Next Expected Pay Date
  • Any associated recurrence data
  • Out of work benefits payment flag
  • Possible loss of income flag


AccountScore notifies its clients of events in the dashboard, by API and by email. Events are bundled with AccountScore Enrich, and offered as an add-on to AccountScore Verify.

Example Events

Tenant Connect

Tenant Connect is an API based product that allows tenant referencing companies, online estate agencies and other related firms to verify a consumer's income and rental payment history.


AccountScore’s expert management team has put together a set of white papers analysing the key issues currently effecting the credit and data markets in the UK, USA and India. The papers are free to download, so please do go ahead and read. Should you wish to discuss any of the content, don’t forget you can get in contact via the details within each paper or at the bottom of the website.

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